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Collection of recipes for kids after school snacks 

Pan fried potato is a healthy take on french fries. Sliced potatoes are pan fried with some spices. Makes for a tasty evening snack for kids.

pan fried potatoes served with ketchup


Rice Bonda ( deep fried rice balls) is a quick snack made with left over rice. I served chocolate strawberries and cold milk on the side.

rice bonda or rice pakoda made with left over rice as evening snack

Nan Veggie Pizza –  a quick 10 minute recipe with store bought nan.

nan veggie pixxa for kids after svhool snack. Done in 10 minutes.#kidssnack #afterschoolsnack #madhuseverydayindian #nanpizza #pizza

Pongal Cutlets – tasty cutlets recipe with left over pongal.

pongal cutlets are a easy and yummy snack made with left over pongal #pongal #cutlet #leftovers

Maida Ponganalu, a quick evening snack ready in 15 minutes. Serve with peanut chutney or tomato sauce.

maida ponganalu

Green Moong dal chat, healthy and tasty moong dal chat served with butter milk.

Watch the video

moong dal chat, chat recipes, moong chat, healthy chat

Sprouted green moong dal chat

Gunta Ponganalu recipe, a quick snack made with left over Idli or Dosa batter. Ponganalu is a favorite snack among the kids. Served with some chutney and slices of watermelon.

gunta ponganalu, paniyaram recipe

rice flour roti with left over coconut chutney –  left over coconut chutney is used to make this tasty rotti. Serve this rotti with pickle and cucumber.

akki rotti with left over coconut chutney. rice flour roti with left over chutney is a popular and staple karnataka breakfast and snack recipe. #rotti #akki #riceflour #leftover #karnataka

Corn chaat recipe , sweet and tangy corn chaat recipe. Served with some fresh orange grape smoothie.

Watch the chaat video here-

watch the orange grape smoothie –

corn chaat recipes, corn chat, corn chat indian, corn chaat street food, healthy corn chaat

Potato Sandwich, potato fry  stuffed in  the bread and toasted in a pan or a sandwich maker. Served with milk and grapes.

Potato sandwich video-

potato sandwich, aloo sandwich, sandwich recipe

Puffed Rice Upma– as easy upma made in a jiff with puffed rice. Watch the video on how to make it in my you tube channel.

puffed rice upma

Energy balls, healthy and filling energy balls made with the goodness of nuts and coconut. The addition of chocolate chips makes it a favorite among kids. Served with milk.

Watch the energy balls video here-


Punugulu (punukulu) made with idli or dosa batter. Served with few slices of apple and milk.

punugulu, andhra punugulu, punukulu

Fruit, cheese and nuts platter– strawberry, apple pieces, mozzarella cheese, cashew and almonds.

Idli upma , upma made with left over idli. Served with milk.

idli upma, upma, idli recipe, kids after school snack, kids snack recipe

Bruschetta with bell pepper and spinach – Crunchy bread topped with spinach, bell pepper, herbs and cheese.

Served with strawberries on the side.

bruschetta recipe

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