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Puran Poli also called as Bobbatlu or Obbatu is a sweet flat bread stuffed with a mixture of dal (lentil), coconut and jaggery.  Its a very popular dish made during festivals in the states of Maharashtra, Andhra and Karnataka. 

puran poli also called obbatu and bobbatlu

Bobbatlu (Andhra), Obbatu (Karnataka) or Puran poli (Maharashtra) is a traditional Indian sweet flat bread made of  toor dal or chana dal. In Andhra and Maharashtra bobbatlu are made with Chanadal, in Karnataka it is made with Toor dal. Its a very classic sweet which needs a bit of tack tick and patience while making it.The key point is to make sure the purnam filling doesn’t come out of the dough when we are rolling it. It is definitely worth trying.



(Makes about 15 med sized bobbatlu)


For Purnam (Toor dal filling):

Ingredients to make the Purnam ( the sweet filling):

  •  Toor dal (Kandi pappu) or Chana dal (pacchi chanaga pappu)- 1.5 cups
  • Jaggery- 1.5 cups ( add 2 cups if you like it towards the sweeter side)
  • Fresh grated coconut- 3/4th cup (I used frozen coconut, just thawed it in the microwave)
  • Cardamom pods – 3, finely crushed

Procedure to make the sweet filling:

Cook the Toor dal or Chana dal which ever you are using, till its soft but still holding its shape. (See the picture above). It’s important not to over cook the dal. Drain all the water (make sure there is absolutely no water in the dal) and let the dal cool down for few minutes.

Now transfer the dal to a food processor. Add grated jaggery, coconut and cardamom powder. Pulse or grind the whole mixture till smooth. Taste it, if you feel you need more sweet add little more jaggery to it and grind again. The purnam mixture should be completely pureed. The purnam mixture is ready.

How can we fix the Purnam filling which is soft-

In the past, our grand parents used to grind  the dal and  jaggery mixture in a mortar. So the consistency of the Purnam would never become very soft.

Now that we mostly use a mixer or a food processor to grind, we end up getting a soft Purnam.

In case the purnam becomes too soft, that you cannot make round balls out of it- transfer the purnam to a pan and cook on stove in medium heat for 10 minutes. Initially the mixture will become soft, but once you start cooking the extra moisture will be absorbed. Remove and let it rest for few minutes. The purnam will get dry, mix it well and make the balls.

You can also transfer the soft purnam mixture to a microwaveable bowl and cook un covered for few minutes. . Let stand for some time, and then make medium size balls.

Maida Dough:

  •  All purpose flour (Maida)- 2 cups
  •  Oil- 5  tsps
  •  1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • Water to mix the dough

In a large bowl add the maida, turmeric and salt. Mix well. Now slowly add the water to make a dough which is slightly softer than the  chapathi dough. Knead the dough for three to four minutes.

Now incorporate 1 teaspoon of oil at a time and knead the dough till all the oil is absorbed in the dough. Repeat with rest of the oil. Knead the dough for five minutes. The consistency of the dough will be little bit softer.  When you pull the dough, it should stretch easily. Cover the dough and leave it to rest for atleast and hour.

Putting together the dough and filling:

  • Now take the maida dough which has been resting for atleast an hour.
  • How much of dough needed for the purnam?
  • I take dough which is about 1/3rd the size of my purnam ball. The whole idea is that the dough should be less than the purnam.

cimg1634c.JPG cimg1635c.JPG

  • Now take a parchment paper  (I used a plastic banana leaf), apple some oil on the paper and spread it. Take the maida dough spread it little bit, then put the purnam ball and close it as shown in the picture.
  • Now at this point you can roll it like a chapathi using a rolling pin or you can just use your hand (Dip some oil in your hands while rolling the bobbatu) and spread it slowly.
  • What I have done is, instead of using my hands or a rolling pin; I put one more greased parchment on top of the purnam and slowly pressed it down till it formed like a chapathi. I think this is definitely a much easier way of rolling.
  • Now on pan, put some oil/ghee and cook the bobbatlu on both sides.

Right before serving apply some more Ghee to it and enjoy the bobbatlu with your loved once

puran poli also called obbatu and bobbatlu
Using the same purnam mixture, we can also make boorelu.
poornam boorelu for naivedyam

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  1. Hi Madhavi Garu,I tried your recipe with much apprehension…it’s a success.They look as good as those shown above..mm,tasted heavenly.thank you so much for such an apt recipe.