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ugadi pachadi recipe

Wishing all my readers a Very Happy Ugadi!

Ugadi Subhakanshalu!
Today is ugadi which is the new year festival for the people of Andhra Pradesh. In addition to Andhra few other states in India celebrate this festival. In Maharashtra it’s called Gudi Padwa, Yugaadi in Karnataka, Puthandu in Tamilnadu, Thapna in Rajasthan and Cheri chand in Sindhi to name a few.Ugadi festival marks the beginning of the new hindu lunar calendar with a change in the moon’s orbit.
In Andhra Pradesh, my home state we start this new year by eating Ugadi Pachhadi (chutney) which is the combination of six different ingredients. These six tastes called shadruchulu symbolize the fact that life is a mixture of good and bad, joy and sorrow and all have to be treated alike.
The six different ingredients which go into making this unique Pachadi is:

Neem flowers ( bitterness, signifying sadness), Mango (tangy, signifying surprise), Jaggery ( sweetness, signifying happiness), Tamarind ( sourness, signifying disgust), Red chilly powder ( hot, signifying anger) , Salt ( signifies fear). { Source- wiki}

ugadi pachadi recipe
Recipe for Ugadi Pachadi:
    • Tamarind pulp- 2 tbsps
    • Few neem flowers
    • Grated Jaggery-  3 tbsps
    • Finely chopped raw mango with the skin- 3 tbsps
    • Red chilly powder to taste
    • Salt to taste
    • Water
Combine the above ingredients with some water to get a slightly thick sauce kind of consistency. Adjust the amount of water depending upon how thick or thin you like the ugadi pachhadi.
ugadi pachadi recipe
Please note:

These measurements are just an approximation. Please use your own judgement and adjust the amount according to your taste. In addition to the six ingredients mentioned above, you can also add finely sliced banana and fresh coconut to the ugadi pachadi.

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