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how to make easy no cook kulfi recipe
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Easy no cook kulfi recipe

Easy no cook kulfi recipe is a quick version of the traditional kulfi recipe. Kulfi is a cold frozen dessert commonly sold as ice cream in India. 

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Author: Madhavi


  • Evaporated milk- 1.5 cups

    (0.35 liter)
  • Sweetened condensed milk ( milkmaid) -1.75 cups

    (0.41 liter)
  • Heavy cream-1 cup

    (approx 0.25 liter)
  • Almonds-10

  • Pistachio -10

  • Cardamom pods -2 , finely crushed 


  • Coarsely crush the almonds and pistachio in a mortar.

  • Combine the evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream in a deep vessel. Mix well. Add the crushed crushed cardamom and mix it. 

  • In the kulfi mold or a disposable plastic cup or in a posicke stand, add some crushed nuts. Pour in the milk mixture. Add some more nuts. Cover it and place the popsicke sticks. freeze for  few hours to set.

  • To serve the kulfi, run hot water under the bottom of the kulfi container for few seconds. Then loosen the Popsicle stick.

  • Serve immediately. Enjoy!