Chocolate Burfi (microwave recipe)

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Chocolate burfi, a two layered Indian fudge made with milk powder, chocolate chips and few other simple ingredients. Quick and easy burfi done in microwave.

I have a video of this chocolate burfi for 5 cup measurement in my youtube channel.

chocolate burfi recipe made with milk powder in microwave

Barfi or burfi is a milk based sweet typically made with khoya, milk powder or by reducing milk. Its a very popular sweet in Indian sub continent, where you can find varieties of barfi’s like almond burfi, cashew burfi, pista burfi and more. Sharing burfi among friends and family is a big part of any celebration, especially during Diwali.

As the Diwali is around the corner I made this burfi and I am updating with new pictures and tips. You can find the video in my youtube channel – chocolate burfi recipe

Chocolate burfi has two layers, the bottom layer is the traditional milk burfi and the top layer is chocolate burfi. Its a very simple recipe because we are going to use milk powder in making the burfi.

Ingredients needed to make Chocolate Burfi-

Milk Powder (instant dry milk powder)

Heavy whipping cream ( don’t get confused with whipping cream, this is a thick cream which can be used to whip) but in this recipe we are not going to whip it.

Powdered sugar ( I used store bought, which has corn starch in it)

Chocolate chips ( I used semisweet chocolate chips)

milk powder, cream, chocolate chips and powdered sugar

Which milk powder to use?

Depending on the brand and the place you live, milk powder may vary in texture and taste. I live in U.S and I have used instant non fat dry milk powder which we get in the bakery Isle in grocery stores.

Can I substitute sugar for powdered sugar?

Store bought powdered sugar has corn starch in it, which will help thicken the burfi.

If you are going to powder the sugar at home, you may want to cook a it longer.

What kind of chocolate chips to use?

I used semi sweet chocolate chips in the recipe. In addition to the chocolate chips you can also add a tea spoon of coco powder to enhance more chocolate flavor.

Dark chocolate chips may not work in the recipe, the burfi will become little bitter.

What is heavy whipping cream?

Heavy whipping cream is the cream which can be used to make whipped cream. In this recipe we are only going to use the cream, we are not going to whip it.

Depending on where you live, look for cream in the refrigerator isle of the grocery store.

Can I cook the chocolate burfi on stove top?

Absolutely! Add all the ingredients in a pan. Mix it well and turn on the stove and cook in low-medium flame till the mixture leaves the sides and thickens. When you press the mixture with your finger, it should feel soft but not falling away or too hard.

Variations of Chocolate Burfi-

Skip chocolate chips and add coco powder in the recipe

To make only chocolate layer, add the chocolate chips to the entire mixture, in that case you may want to double the chocolate chips.

Serving suggestions-

Serve chocolate burfi as a dessert after a meal.

Gift the home made burfi to friends and family during navratri, new year and diwali.

If you live in U.S you can take these chocolate burfi to a super bowl game or a valentines day party.

stacked chocolate burfis

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How to make easy chocolate burfi recipe in microwave (step by step pics)

1)In a microwaveable safe bowl add the milk powder, powdered sugar and heavy whipping cream. Mix them well. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to avoid spilling while cooking.

chooclate burfi ingredients added to a bowl

2) Microwave for a minute, remove and mix the ingredients.

burfi in making

3) Place it back in the microwave and cook one more minute. Remove and mix. Pop it back in the microwave and cook another minute.

4) The below picture is after 3 1/2 minutes of cooking.

burfi cooked

5) Bowl will be hot, handle carefully and mix well. The mixture should be grainy in texture.

6) Every microwave is different so after three minutes, cook in increments of 30 seconds till you get this texture. Do not over cook, if not the burfi will become dry after cooling.

cooked burfi in grainy texture

7) Transfer 3/4 th of the mixture to a greased pan with ghee or lined with parchment paper.

burfi placed in a pan

8) Flatten and spread evenly with the help of a spatula.

milk burfi

9) To the rest of the mixture add the chocolate chips and mix.

chocolate chips added to the burfi

10) The heat in the bowl will instantly melt the chocolate chips.

chocolate layer of the burfi

11) Add the chocolate layer to the milk burfi layer.


12) Gently spread the chocolate layer evenly on the milk burfi layer. You can use some ghee to make it easier to spread.

chocolate burfi ready to set

13) Cool for 15 minutes and place it in the refrigerator to set, about 2 hours. Remove and cut to squares.

pieces of burfi

How to make chocolate burfi –

chocolate burfi recipe made with milk powder in microwave

Chocolate Burfi

Chocolate burfi, a two layered Indian fudge made with milk powder, chocolate chips and few other simple ingredients. Quick and easy burfi done in microwave.

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Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes
Author: Madhavi


  • Instant Dry Milk Powder- 3 cups

  • Powdered Sugar- 1 cup

  • Heavy Whipping Cream – 1.5 cups

  • Chocolate chips- 1/3 cup

  • Coco powder – 1/2 tsp optional


  • Mix the dry milk powder, sugar and whipping cream in a deep microwaveable safe bowl.

  • Make sure the bowl is deep enough so that the mixture doesn’t spill.
  • Combine well and microwave for a minute, remove and mix well.

  • Return to the microwave and cook for another minute (2nd minute)and remove. Mix well.

  • Place it back in the microwave and cook another minute. (3rd minute). Mix well.
  • Put it back in the microwave and cook for thirty seconds. The mixture should come together and the texture should be grainy.
    Remove and mix well.
  • Mine was done by 3 1/2 minutes. Every microwave setting is different, if the mixture is not set cook in increments of 30 seconds. It should not take any more than 4 1/2 minutes to get the grainy texture.
    Do not over cook, if not you will end up with a dry burfi.
  • Now grease a pan with ghee (clarified butter) or line a wax paper. Pour about 3/4th of this mixture and spread it evenly.

  • To the rest of the mixture add the chocolate chips and mix. The chocolate chips will melt instantly because the mixture is still hot.

  • Pour the chocolate mixture on top and spread evenly.

  • Let the Burfi set in the Refrigerator for good 2 hrs.

  • Remove and cut to desired shape.

with coco powder-

  • If you want to replace chocolate chips with coco powder, use two teaspoons of coco powder. Add the coco powder to the remaining 1/4 mixture, mix well and microwave for thirty seconds.


  • Its very important to remove the mixture from microwave every minute and mix well.
  • Every microwave is different. So keep an eye as how many minutes it takes to cook. You should get the consistency where you can fold in the mixture.
  • Store the burfis in refrigerator and remove just few minutes before serving.
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  1. Simple and easy to make method for a delicious dessert.. Bookmarking the recipe.. Love this burfi. 🙂