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How about combining the chocolate with the traditional and ever popular Indian Burfi. This could be every chocolate lovers dream. Not just that, lets make it in a microwave. Yup no stove involved. Microwave recipes are gaining a lot of popularity these days and this burfi sure stands out as winner in the procedure. The look and taste is so  good that  people may feel you have spent lot of time in the kitchen. But only you and me know how much time went in to make these amazing burfi.

Making the burfi in the stove top- 
 The burfi can also be made in the stove top. Combine the milk powder, sugar and whipping cream and cook in the stove top it thickens. transfer 3/4th of the cooked mixture into a greased pan and level it. Now to the rest of the mixture add the chocolate chips and mix well. Add the chocolate mixture on the top. level it,Let the Burfi set in the Refrigerator for 2 hrs..Remove and cut to desired shape.
( Adapted from Show me the curry)
  • Instant Non fat Dry Milk Powder- 5 cups
  • Powdered Sugar- 1 1/4th cup
  • Heavy Whipping Cream – 1 pint ( approx 470 ml)
  • Chocolate chips- 1/2 cup
    • Mix the dry milk powder, sugar and whipping cream in a deep microwaveable safe bowl.
    • Combine well and microwave for a minute, remove and mix well.
    • Return to the microwave and cook for another minute and remove. Mix well.
    • Repeat the same and cook for a total of 8 minutes removing the bowl every minute.
    • Make sure the bowl is deep enough so that the mixture doesn’t spill.
    • After 8 minutes of cooking , you should be able to fold in the mixture. ( See the pics)
    • Now take a pan grease it with ghee (clarified butter) or line a wax paper. Pour about 3/4th of this mixture and spread it evenly.
    • To the rest of the mixture add the chocolate chips and mix. The chocolate chips will melt instantly because the mixture is still hot.
    • Pour the chocolate mixture on top and spread evenly.
    • Let the Burfi set in the Refrigerator for good 2 hrs.
    • Remove and cut to desired shape.
My notes:
  • Its very important to remove the mixture from microwave every minute and mix well.
  • every microwave is different. So keep an eye as how many minutes it takes to cook. You should get the consistency where you can fold in the mixture.
  • Store the burfis in refrigerator and remove just few minutes before serving.

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