25 Diwali Sweets Recipes | Deepavali Sweets Recipes

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Sharing my collection of diwali sweets recipes which include halwa, ladoo, peda, kheer, payasam and many other traditional recipes.

My collection 5 quick and easy diwali sweets recipes video in my youtube channel 

collection of Indian sweets for diwali

Diwali or Deepavali is the festival of lights, celebrated all over India. This year Diwali festival is celebrated on Oct 27,2019.

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India. It symbolizes the spiritual of “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance” (from wiki)

Sweets or mithai is a part of any celebration and when it comes to diwali, sweets play a huge part. Different varieties of sweets and snacks are made and distributed among friends and family.

Today I am sharing the diwali sweets, I have separated by each category to make it easy to find. You can also check out few videos of these sweets in my you tube channel – Madhu’s Everyday Indian

Diwali Sweets Recipes

Peda and Burfi Recipes

collection of peda and burfi

Instant Peda – instant peda is the quick version of the popular milk peda. The instant peda recipe has just three ingredients and it made in the microwave or stive top.

Almond Burfi – Almond burfi also called as badam burfi or badam katli is a rich and tasty sweet made with almonds, milk, sugar, saffron and ghee.

Chocolate Burfi – This two layer burfi is for all the chocolate lovers. Can be made in stove top or microwave. watch the video on how to make the chocolate barfi here

Cashew Pista Peda – easy microwaveable Peda/Burfi recipe which you can whip up in less than 4 minutes. 

Halwa /Sheera Recipes

collection of halwa recipes

Almond Halwa, quick and easy almond halwa made in 10 minutes with almond flour.

Suji aur Aate ka Halwa – semolina and wheat flour halwa is a tasty, melt in the mouth halwa recipe made with semolina ( or suji ) and wheat (aata). Its a popular halwa recipe made in North India. Its a very simple dish that can be made in a jiffy.

Suji halwa with condensed milk -Traditional sooji ka halwa is made with sooji/semolina, sugar, milk, ghee and water. In today’s recipe i have replaced sugar and milk with condensed milk. Condensed milk or milkmaid  makes the halwa more tastier.

Poppy Seeds Halwa – khas khas ka halwa recipe is a healthy and nutritious dessert made with poppy seeds. Its a very traditional Indian sweet made during winter season. khas khas ka halwa is made by cooking the powdered poppy seeds with sugar and milk. And desi ghee is added for flavor and some chopped nuts are added for crunch.

Poha Sheera / Aval Kesari – Aval Kesari (also called Poha Sheera) is a easy sweet recipe made with poha/beaten rice. This tasty dessert is ready in few minutes.

Cracked Wheat Halwa – popular prasadam recipe from Annavaram is made with cracked wheat, sugar and water.

Sooji Halwa – traditional sooji halwa made with sooji, sugar, water, nuts and cardamom.

Rava Kesari/Kesari bath – this halwa recipe is made in pressure cooker, makes the most crea,y and soft halwa.

Aate ka halwa /Wheat flour halwa – easy and classic recipe made with whole wheat flour, ghee and sugar.

Laddu Recipes

laddu recipes

Whole Wheat & Nuts LadooWhole wheat flour and Nuts Ladoo, also called as aata ladoo  is a healthy and nutritious ladoo made with whole wheat flour and nuts.

Instant Coconut Laddoo- coconut ladoo is a quick and easy Indian sweet made in 10 minutes. the two main ingredients which go into making this laddu is desiccated coconut (dry coconut) and sweetened condensed milk.

Rava Laddu with condensed milk – rava laddu is an Indian sweet made using Semolina, condensed milk, coconut, milk and cardamom.

Rava Laddu – Rava Laddu  is a simple traditional Indian sweet made using Semolina, sugar, coconut, milk and cardamom.

Poha Laddu -tasty poha laddu made with poha and sugar.

Oats Peanut Ladoo – healthy and filling laddu made with oats, peanut and jaggery.

Boondi Laddu – boondi Laddu is prepared from chick pea flour aand sugar syrup. The chick pea batter is deep fried into tiny balls and are soaked in cardamom infused simple syrup and are rolled in to small balls/laddu’s.

Kheer & Payasam Recipes

Paneer Kheer,  is a tasty Kheer from north India. Kheer or payasam is a milk based sweets made with milk, paneer, sugar and nuts.

Semiya Payasam  –    easy payasam made with semiya or vermicelli.

Rice Kheer– a classic North Indian dish amde with rice. Serve warm or chilled.

Instant Pot rice Kheer, kheer the Indian style rice pudding made easily in the instant pot.

Thin Vermicelli Payasam – thin vermicelli payasam made is a very easy and quick dessert made with vermicelli, milk, sugar and nuts.

Chana dal Payasam – cooked chana dal and rice are simmered in a jaggery, coconut- milk base and flavored with toasted nuts, ghee and cardamom. A Simple recipe wrapped with spell blending flavors.

Moong dal Payasam –  tasty payasam made with moong dal, jaggery, milk and ghee.

Chilled and Frozen Desserts

No cook Kulfi – easy beginners recipe with ready made ingredients.

Ice Cream Cake– cake and ice cream together, cant stop eating.

Gulab Jamun Ice Cream – every green gulab jamun with ice cream.

Rasgulla Ice Cream -must try recipe, the combination of rasgulla with vanilla ice cream and strawberry is just too good.

Mango Mousse– mango mousse recipe with out agar agar or gelatin.

Mango Ice cream, loaded with mango flavor this mango ice cream is a no churn ice cream recipe. Use canned pureed mango when mangoes are not in season.

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